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- Part I: Applicabile Law -
1. All contracts with and orders received by Rhibo will be governed by and construed in accordance with Italian law.

- Part II: Supplier’s Conditions -
The following terms apply when Rhibo will be th receiver of goods or services provided by a “Supplier”.
Unless otherwise specified in the contract or in the order, the agreement shall be subject to the following conditions:
1. during the execution of the contract, the Supplier agrees to follow precisely the applicable laws required and in particular agree to:
a-  accept all responsibility regarding the supplies, required in order to absolve Rhibo of all requests, legal action, etc from all third parties, even those non related directly to the contract with the Supplier.
b- act upon all the technical strategies, organizations and equipment required or requested in order to provide for any and all accident prevention laws, regarding safety and health of theirs’, Rhibo’s and third parties’ personnel and to avoid damages to Rhibo’s and third parties’ equipment;
c- guarantee that all personnel hired to carry out the Services (i) will be insured and in order as required by law as regards their  salaries, worker’s compensation, fiscal and payroll taxes, insurances, and every applicable labor law, etc. Furthermore, (ii) all personnel must be officially qualified and licensed regarding the work they will be performing;
d- maintain in order for the duration of the Order of the Contract an insurance policy covering all risks pertaining to the contract.
2. When and if the “Supplier” should be called to perform a Service at the factory, warehouse, or offices of Rhibo, the Supplier agrees also:
-  to respect Rhibo’s company rules and safety procedures, and to ensure the respect of such rules and procedures by their own employees and partners;
- to take all precautions needed to avoid any and all danger including fire or accidents of any other nature;
- to assume all responsibility for any and all accidents and/or damage (even those not directly related to the services), in general, pertaining to Rhibo, holding Rhibo not liable for any cost, or other responsibility.
3. The prices indicated in the orders and in the contracts coming from Rhibo have been agreed to and are not to be changed. Furthermore, the Supplier will be paid only when all documentation regarding (I) the payment of the salaries, worker’s compensation, fiscal and payroll taxes, insurances, etc, and (ii) everything defined at point 1, letter c and d of these Terms has been sent to Rhibo by certified e-mail or registered mail. The Supplier can confirm all documentation required by contacting Rhibo in writing.
For the documentation request for Italian Suppliers, please refer to the Italian text of these Terms.
4. After a week since Rhibo has requested the above mentioned documentation, to no avail, the Supplier shall pay Rhibo a penalty equal to one-twentieth of the amount requested to Rhibo, and so for each week of delay.
5. When and if the Supplier will be required to supply Rhibo with goods, even if the Supplier delivers the goods, the Supplier agrees to be held responsible for any and all requests, even if the goods are accepted by Rhibo and a complaint is forwarded at a later date.
6. The Supplier guarantees that the goods will not be defective and will be exactly as specified technically by Rhibo. The goods will be considered defective when:
(a) they do not confirm as per the prescribed Order or Contract or
(b) or the do not reflect the characteristics of the samples consigned by the Supplier.
(c) they do not suit Rhibo’s needs.

- part III:  Terms applying to Customers -
In the event that the relationship should be with a customer instead of a supplier in addition to the conditions set out in the contract, the relationship will be subject to the following terms:
1. Rhibo guarantees only the compatibility of their components with official trademarks and does not guarantee any specified delivery date.
2. The customer agrees to verify the suitability of the goods immediately when they are received even if a split shipment or backordered.
3. The commercial representatives of Rhibo are not authorized to deviate from these conditions.
4. By submitting the order, the representatives of the customer agree to honour all the terms and conditions.
5. All requests received from the customer, regardless of who is making the request, will be considered to be authorized by the representatives of the customer.
6. The customer is aware not only that all Rhibo components are only adaptable and similar to the original ones,  but also that such components may have been produced either in Italy as well as in other countries of the European Union or outside of the Union and overseas, always and in any case respecting Italian and European law.

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